What exactly is Damiana?

Damiana is the above-ground part of the plant (Turnera diffusa) that grows from Argentina to Southern California (see photo below). The plant is then cut into small pieces and can be used for smoking and it can also be used in tea.


the Mayans and Aztecs used Damiana as an aphrodisiac, relaxant and overall tonic to improve health. Father Juan Maria de Salvatierra, a Spanish missionary, was the first to report on the drink that the Mexican population made from the damiana leaves. Spanish missionaries who first entered Mexico saw the indigenous tribes mixing Damiana tea with sugar for its sexually stimulating effects. In the 1870s, it was imported to the United States as a tincture and advertised as a powerful aphrodisiac.


Although damiana was included in the first edition of the National Formulary (NF) in 1888, it never made it to the US Pharmacopeia, and the elixir was eventually dropped from the NF in 1916. Although some commercial companies continued to sell it to the United States. American market, damiana had almost disappeared until the 1960s hippie movement made it popular again.


Some believe that a generous amount of Damiana was THE secret ingredient in the original recipe for the famous margarita drink. Indeed, to this day, margarita in Mexico is often made with Damiana, which provides the drink with a unique floral twist that also works wonders for your mojo.


Want to know more? Check "blog" for more information about Damiana!

Benefits Damiana

Save 39% of your money

Damiana is 39% cheaper than tobacco, and with rising taxes, Damiana's benefit will only increase.

100% Nicotine Free

Damiana does not contain nicotine and even has a relaxing, mild cannabis-like effect and can be perfectly combined with smoking marijuana. Damiana is also suitable for loose smoking. Furthermore, Damiana can also be used as a tea.

Stays good for smoking for 3 years

Not a regular smoker?

No problem! The Damiana will stay good for 3 years thanks to the resealable packaging. It is no problem if you don't use it for a while.

Smell better for your environment and yourself

Damiana brings a natural scent with it, because it contains no nicotine. This gives a finer aftertaste and smell during smoking.
So the next time you come home you don't have to endure the smell of tobacco.

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