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4 Reasons Why Damiana Is The Best Tobacco Substitute

Maybe you have read about Damiana or searched for different tobacco substitutes which one is the best, but this blog describes 4 reasons why Damiana is the best tobacco substitute out of all the different alternatives to use in your joint.

Reason 1 - Damiana is the cheapest tobacco substitute

Everyone loves to save money so you can spend it on other hobbies, right?

Damiana is the cheapest tobacco substitute available and 39% cheaper than tobacco. The next time you're at the service counter in the supermarket, you'd be wise to just skip it.

Excise duties on tobacco will also keep getting higher and higher, so it is best to stop adding tobacco to your joint now.

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Reason 2 - Damiana is 100% Nicotine-free

Damiana does not contain nicotine, so the Damiana cannot cause addiction to nicotine. What also makes Damiana perfect because for this, is the relieving effect on your throat, because Damiana smokes much lighter and you will not get a big hit on your throat from nicotine. The nicotine kick therefore also remains behind.

Reason 3 - Smell better for your environment and yourself

Damiana brings a natural smell with it because it contains no nicotine. This gives a finer aftertaste and smell during smoking.

So the next time you come home you don't have to endure the smell of tobacco.

Do you suffer from clothes that smell of smoke after lighting a joint? Damiana also solves this problem with its natural scent that does not stink in your clothes.

Reason 4 - The best effect of Damiana

The last and most important reason why Damiana is the finest tobacco substitute for your joint is because of the effect of Damiana when smoking. Damiana brings a soft high and this is a perfect combination with cannabis.

Damiana gives a very relaxing effect for about 60 minutes.

Curious about how to use the Damiana? Click here to find out.

These are THE 4 reasons why you should consider Damiana when looking for tobacco substitutes.

If you are still curious about the 3 effects of Damiana you can find out by checking the article: The 4 effects of Damiana.

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